A Smart OpenBSD CPE

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PatientSky is rolling out a network based on OpenBSD used as CPE routers for a health infrastructure of connected clinics in Norway. This network supports both ordinary web traffic and VoIP, so must be prioritised accordingly. PatientSky has optimised OpenBSD for this task and created their own configuration tool which from a simple config file format configures the router with BGP, PF and service daemons. This includes prefixes learned from BGP being put into PF firewall tables and multiple routing domains, allowing a drop-in of the router in existing networks. Multiple routing domains allow the use of the same IP space in front and behind the device.

OpenBSD, BGP, routing, IEEE 802.1q, VLAN, IEEE802.1p, CoS/QoS, VoIP, firewalling, JSON config

Slidedeck: PDF, GitHub

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