Second DKNOG7 newsletter

Dear friend of DKNOG.
We’re on fire this year, and we have so many great talks lined up for you. In fact, a few weeks ago, we thought we had all the talks we could wish for, but then we got some very interesting propositions that we couldn’t turn down, and they will be revealed to you very soon.

This means that this year’s program will be in two tracks some of the time. This allows us to make the program more breathable, and allows you to see talks you are more interested in, and perhaps skip some of the things that you do not find within your area of interest.

We hope to be able to record all the talks, so even if you have to miss an interesting talk that happens when you are at the other track, you can still catch up on it afterwards. If you know something about recording and streaming, we would love to hear from you.

We expect to hit 100 sign-ups today, so please buy your ticket soon if you haven’t already. We have room for 130 participants, and currently cannot promise to open for more if we hit the limit.
Visit the website to see the current agenda and buy your ticket, or use the button in the bottom of the email to visit the ticketing site directly.

As an exclusive first, we can reveal that this year’s social will be held at Restaurant Flammen – kindly sponsored by Netnod once again.

Finally we would like to extend our gratitude to our kind sponsors, especially our first Gold sponsor, Netnordic.

On behalf of the DKNOG Crew,

Allan Eising
Chairman of DKNOG